Amr Abd Elaziz


A mime and pantomime artist, performed in many projects in different dimension “theaters and public spaces”, Abdel Aziz participated in many workshops but not only in Mime “Karina olla, Joachim Stavenuiter, Guido Kleene” but also in Contemporary dance “Cairo contemporary dance workshop program”.
His first performance was  ” I’m not Romeo “in 2008, he participated in two performances called “the black ballon” in Cairo opera house, and “color blindness” in salon of youth in the year 2013, and it won the prize of the festival, Abdel Aziz got a grant from the British council as an independent artist, for his project ” El mefakaraty”, and  in 2012 he did a ( 8 )street performances in Cairo metro station in collaboration with Mahatat for contemporary art.
Amr is a member in a Mime artists group established in Kuwait city in 2016.
He also studied the seeds (TOT) training program. Currently he performs and teaches regularly in Egypt
Amr Abd Elaziz

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