Anetta Alexandra

Actress of pantomime.

Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova

Is a Ukrainian freelance actress, mime, dancer and model, now based in Norway. In 2020 she graduated from the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Performing Arts and got a master degree in pantomime and teaching. She is a creator of her performances, where she combines mime technique, dance and gymnastics.

From 2018 she was a co-founder and participant of mime theater ILINASTROE. Together they created different kinds of comedy and dramatic pantomime performances and improvisations. In 2019 they created the performance “Internal destruction”, which had big success at the Mime Wave festival in Ukraine, GBG mime festival in Sweden and Surprise festival in Italy. In 2021 Anetta began her solo activity, exploring the fields of dance, drama and physical theater.

In 2022 she moved to Norway and now collaborates with the Hålogaland theater, art hub Tvibit, Rådart group, Forum for Nordnorske Dansekunstnere and The Global Ensemble Theater.

With her solo performance “Peace inside us” she participated in the mime festival by Helmime (Finland), European youth parliament session (Norway), NonStop international festival (Norway), pantomime festival PAN (Slovakia).

Anetta also conducts pantomime workshops based on Etienne Decroux technique for actors and dancers in Scandinavia.

The main goal for her now is to continue her activity as a freelance performer, promote her art, develop skills and search for new art collaborations. She is interested in a mix of different arts on a stage and sharing knowledge with other creative people.

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