Cie Des Mimes

Mime Demet

The mime blends among the people of the service. The service is a pretext for acting and allows a special relationship with guests.

Different jokes related to the technique of mime: a bottle is blocked in space, a hot plate comes to slow motion, access to the room is closed by a glass …

Show in close-up of various puppets made with the hands suggesting the contents of the plates: a stuffed crab, a lobster tail, snails, a leg of lamb … as well as some chimerical characters (the close-up is a show for a small committee of guests, for a table).

Show on the front, on stage, skits of pantomime (stories mimed) on the theme of the 2CV, the club, the fisherman, skiing …

This show is played for fifteen years at the beautiful tables of France and Luxembourg:

Hotel de la Cloche, Peugeot Museum, Clos Vougeot, patriarch cellars, CDBO, Saulon Castle Street, Queen’s Hotel in Nancy, Wine Museum in Paris, Grévin Museum, Senate , Hotel Georges V, Louvre, the Royal Saltworks of Arc and Senans, the White Horse, Casablanca, Tangiers, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam …

Several formulas are proposed: mime alone or accompanied by another fake waiter, a pianist, a harpist, a singer, a barrel organ player …

It is best not to inform the guests of this animation to leave the effect of surprise.

The round tables promote conviviality and close-up.

The actor adapts to the type of service of the evening.

Cie Des Mimes

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