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Gábor Dvorák, (Budapest, 1958): pantomime-artist

-He gained his first experiences of theatre in Thália Theatre of Budapest between 1976 and 1978.

-He has been a professional artist and teacher of pantomime since 1982.

– Between 1984 and 1988 he worked and taught mainly abroad (in Switzerland, Germany and Austria).

-Since 1987 he has regularly given courses in Hungary and also abroad (Vorbüchne Zürich)

-He established a studio first in Cegléd, and later in Budapest.

-In 1989, with his pupils, he formed the "Zug" ("Corner") Pantomime, which had been working as the D.G. Pantomime Theatre Company since 1999, and was renamed as Dvorák Pantomime Theatre in 2002.

-At present, he still teaches adults and children (deaf and partially deaf children). He participates in training courses for actors of puppet theatre as a techer of pantomime (Kabóca Puppet Theatre, Veszprém). – In 2006/2007 he taught "theatrical movement" at Hungarian Academy of Dramatic Art.

Major productions: Illusions; Humour of movements; Passing love;

Disturbed peace; Tea at 5 o’clock; Clown-Circus; Let’s Play Pantomime!;

Of Men and "men"; Murphy’s Laws; The Elderly; The Rabbit; The Frogking

Gabriel Gabro

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