Giuseppe Condello


” Dr. Giuseppe Gioacchino Condello’s mission is to foster and preserve the legacy of Corporeal Mime: The Actors ˜ Art of Movement. His commitment to further explore this exquisite performing art form by drawing from a cross-cultural fusion of other artistic disciplines, and his vision of bringing this art to the forefront of Canadian Theatre, is unfolding through his training, research, and the development and production of original Corporeal Mime Theatre performances.

-On July of 1953, Giuseppe, a native of Southern Italy, immigrated to Canada. On September of 1967 he was selected to study Acting at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal, Quebec and graduated in 1970. Soon thereafter, he established for himself a promising career in the Traditional Theatre with such companies as the Centaur Theatre in Montreal, Young Peoples´ Theatre in Toronto and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada. Thanks to Artistic Directors and Mentors like John Hirsch, Jean Gascon, Powys Thomas, Jeff Henry, and William Hutt to mention but a few, Giuseppe´s natural physical talents were quickly recognized and was strongly encouraged to study the art of Physical Theatre. “

Giuseppe Condello

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