Hanoch Rosenn



In the show, Rosenn describes and displays man´s constant confrontation with the world that surrounds him. Entering the 21st century we human beings have been faced with great challenges and have been put into impossible situations. Rosenn sets before us a mirror through which we can see ourselves, in an original and amusing way, sometimes slashing sometimes tragic sometimes comic but always surprising.

Rosenn deals with mens aspirations, ambitions, hopes and dreams against reality which is often common, full of compromises, simple and dull – all this is done with a lot of humor, genuine observation and without words!

Technological innovations of the 21st century are presented on stage by elaborated technical means. Rosenn, who has in the past integrated in his performances, videos, sound effects and other up dated technology, brings into this show his rich experience as a director in an improved and even more sophisticated way.

Hanoch Rosenn

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