Innovo Physical Theatre


Innovo Physical Theatre, directed by Theo & Jolie Williams, is a professional physical theatre company, based in Pasadena, California. As a nonprofit organization, Innovo has active representation in the United States, Holland, France, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Innovo demonstrates a unique synthesis of aesthetics and story, through their original plays, adaptations, silent compositions, and the many productions that explore the endless possibilities of interaction between corporeal movement, dance, mime, music, spoken text, and film.

As a Company of touring artists, Innovo Physical Theatre travels internationally, performing on stage or the street, university or the market place. Hailed by maestro Marcel Marceau as “the future of Mime,” Innovo celebrates the centrality of the mime/actor in theater by reference to the Christological significance of the transfigured body. Using the expressiveness of the body as starting point, and the poetry of a simple stage, our artists explore the struggles and stories of humanity through life and death, comedy and drama, reality and symbol, momentary and eternal. Performances range from solos and duets to large ensemble works.

Innovo Physical Theatre represents an extensive network of artists in varied creative disciplines; all sharing in the belief that creativity starts in loving God and one another. Consequently, Innovo’s repertoire demonstrates warm-hearted humor, simple costumes, and a history of excellence in ministry. Their performances engage both young and old in an experience of physical theatre that conveys the emotion and grace of life’s journey in stories of transformation, enlightenment, mystery, and the joy of life.

Innovo Physical Theatre

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