Laboratorio de Creacion Escenica 2013

Principles of body dramaturgy

I have a couple of concepts that help me visualize the idea of ​​mime that attracts me the most. One is that of “dynamics” to which we will approach from the corporal work proper, and the other is the one of “synthesis” to which we will arrive at working the different aspects of the dramatic action.
A laboratory is a place of experimentation, and this is developed in a framework of trial and error. That’s why I want to invite you to an environment of free exploration without fear of making mistakes. What is nothing more than allowing us to travel through the images that are proposed without thinking whether we are doing it right or wrong, because even in what does not seem appropriate we can find the sequences that will be part of our theatrical sketch.
Our work as guides of this “experiment” will focus on:
– Achieve the body dynamics style appropriate to the proposal
– Develop sequences of actions based on slogans based on the preliminary script
– Capture images that emerge
– See which have a situational will, a possibility of development
– And achieve a condensed structure. That is, sequences of actions that have the most relevance to compose the “story”, to show what we want to tell, both from the narrative and from the non-narrative and their alternations.

Laboratorio de Creacion Escenica 2013

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