Mime theatre SoTvorenie


“Mime theatre So-tvorenie

So-tvorenie (Co-creation): an independent and innovative theater troupe entertaining and inspiring audiences and enhancing special events with its own blend of pantomime styles ranging from the classical work of Marcel Marceau to the contemporary interpretations of Living Statues and shadow Play.

What was casually founded in 2003 by a group of student-actors has now blossomed into a highly professional and highly sought-after theater troupe setting the creative pace and bar for its field of dramatic and interpretive pantomime.

Performances are an eclectic combination of philosophical, lyrical and social issues off-set and balanced by entertaining and humorous sketches and clownery. For every smile and laugh the troupe brings, there is a thoughtful and challenging message with it.

So-tvorenie is internationally recognized and has performed in tours of Germany, France, Latvia and Finland among others. Not only does the troupe participate in festivals and special events, but they demonstrate the heart of their work and message through the many social and charitable functions they perform at as well.

Are you looking for an unforgettable mystery play, interactive shows for all ages, mime and MC services, or just a unique flavor and presence at your next corporate party, exhibition or special event? Then So-tvorenie has the creativity and experience you need.

manager of mime theatre So-tvorenie

Feoktistov Denis



Mime theatre SoTvorenie

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