Pantomime Movement


Pantomime Movement – a group of silent soldier’s, starts its journey as an unique mime group of Bangladesh in the year 1995 in the commercial capital – Chittagong. The group is considered as the pioneer of Street Mime in Bangladesh.
A batch of young mime artists marches onwards with a view to bridge with the world mime. Pantomime Movement believes in the concept of Internationalism in its practice.

Pantomime Movement at the same time discovers the true self of the oriental mime by blending the traditional theater form with the different mime practices in the world arena.
The strengths that made the group popular to the cultural arena of Bangladesh and its beyond are its unique presentation depicting distinctive themes, story, outlook, thoughts, production and of course the experience gathered in the long race.

But beyond all, the audience have been the greatest inspiration for Pantomime Movement all the time.
Style of Performance: Pantomime Movement believes ‘Internationalism’ in practicing. Oriental thought is emphasized in its practice. In narration though it follows verbal theater, the medium of exposure is silence. Pantomime Movement at the same time gives importance in the presentation of modern theater.


President: Rezwan Razan
Vice President: Raaz Ghosh
Vice President: Adnan Mahmud
General Secretary: Solaiman Mahadi

Executive Members:
• Abu Taleb Mohammed Saqib
• Sakirul Haque Maruf
• Santanu Das
• Zobaed Hasan Khan
• Shahidul Bashar Murad
• Tamima Sultana

A Pantomime Night (Collection of Sketch Mime)
A Silent Night (Collection of Sketch Mime)
Freedom (Mimo-drama)
An Innocent Death (Mimo-drama)
Life is Beautiful (Collection of Sketch Mime)
The Uncertain World (Collection of Mono Mime)
Are we Human? (Mimo-drama)
Struggle to Survive (Mimo-drama)
Agricultural and Women (Mimo-drama)
A Tale of a Hero (Mimo-drama)

Pantomime Movement

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