Paolo Avataneo


Graduated at the Philip Radice’s Physical Theater Atelier, from 2009 he proposes shows including mime, cabaret, buffoon, clown and eccentric theatre. He plays bass guitar in various rock bands too (5 albums total), and he plays also at the italian national tv in little parts like actor.

My main target is to focus to experiment with new methods of acting trying to make them comical and to develope more accessible to everyone with more possible different drama languages , focusing on to realize it in a international way.

Festivals in : Armenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Finland, Moldova, Polska, Austria, Serbia, Turkey, France, Scotland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, Tunisy, Morocco, South Korea.

Paolo Avataneo presents you a geezing and slurpous, besides colourful vinaigrette phantasmagoria based on mimicry unvoiced sometimes long-winded sometimes topped with mouth-watering cocktail of music comics, as well as idyllic really dancing, however, embellished with a psychedelic body percussion.

Solace teens, and seduces ancient retireds, promotes diuresis and stimulates the appetite. Attention, prolonged use could create a sweet sense of universal harmony.

Paolo Avataneo

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