Philippe Rives


“Philippe is a performer, choreographer, performance and concept designer for about 20 years.

Coming from body theatre, he learnt different techniques of body works including acrobatics, mime, chinese martial arts, body theatre, african dance, mask, voice, clown. His major sources and influences come from Antonin Artaud, Eugenio Barba, Yves Lorelle, Sankai Juku, Jacques Lecoq. His all family is composed of artists, who worked together for a decade in the 90’s.

Since he lives in Berlin, he got to better know the world of contemporary dance and contact improvisation and has also been influenced by the principles of Butoh dance.

He has developed a unique and specific approach of movement and gesture based the slow-motion skill which has led him to create performances and concepts essentially based on the experience of time and space.

His work is mainly focused on instant process, even in a ready made work, whatever for indoor, outdoor or site specific contexts it is.

He mainly performs his own creations but also gets involved as performer and choreographer for other directors, like recently in the AREJA project (Ruhrfestspiele 2012).

In 1998 he founded the “”BK Compagnie””, and, later in 2009, the “”reset dance I connection”” group, with Peter Müller.

He toured in different countries across Europe, Asia, South America and the UAE.

Philippe Rives

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