Shanti Oyarzabal


“Shanti Oyarzabal has always been motivated for gesture and silence.
Contacts with a variety of movement techniques and disciplines have strongly influenced his work which has been progressively developed from contemporary mime towards a body theatre in which theatre and dance merge.
In 1990, Shanti Oyarzabal founded the Teatro Inercia in Berlin. This has been the platform for a long string of works. In his performances, the essence is not what is said but what is communicated trough the whole body. The Human body with its unlimited possibilities of expression appears like an unknown landscape exposed to endless transformations. His interest for exploring different ways of body expression brought him to search the real basis of movement through the breathing, the stillness, the emotions and sensations. In his performances, the essence is not what is said but what is communicated trough the whole body.
Whether solo or ensemble works, his pieces are about human existential conflicts. Technical and aesthetic control and the manipulation of space lead the spectator through creative and sensitive imagery and body language, into a confrontation with him/herself.
His vision of body theater has been extended to space, light and sound. He realizes diferent kind of performances in cooperation with artists of various disciplines to create a bridge of comunication between countries and people beyond the words.


Corporal Theatre Workshop

Shanti Oyarzabal has developed his own style in body work which he tought in courses and workshops. Since 1984 he gave courses in body theatre for actors, dancers, mimes and opera singers in different schools and institutions in Mexico and Berlin.The workshop intends to develop a conception of body work wich combines different types of disciplines, directed mainly towards the discovery of our own possibilities of expression.

The aim consists on the understanding and practical assimilation of organic movement, based on inner relaxation and the elimination of unnecessary tensions. This conception will force us to develop body awareness, and searching for the real basis of movement through the breath, the emotions and the sensations.

Directed to:
Mimes, actors, dancers and everyone who wants to experience the body training of an actor.


Shanti Oyarzabal was born in Mexico-City and studied Social Anthropology in the ENAH. In this time he also studied pantomime with A.Virches, JG. Moreno, A. Moran and R. Scharre and acting at the University Centre of Theatre of the UNAM. From 1979 to 1982, he studied in Paris body mime with Etienne Decroux and took workshops with Yves Lebreton, Shiro Daimon and the Butoh dancing group Sankai-Juku. In 1987 he moved to Berlin, where he lives now, and founded in 1990 “”Teatro Inercia””. He has created pieces wich have been presented in theatre and mime festivals in several countries of Europe. He has always combined the creation and direction of his own pieces with the teaching. He has developed a concept of physichal trainings for actors, dancers and mimes which are given in form of workshops in different schools and institutions.

Pieces from Teatro Inercia:
– 2007 – Escaramuza, Mime Square Festival Belsgium
– 2000 – Terra Nostra – Festival Reservoir, Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin
– 1999 – Transparenz – Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin
– 1998 – Transmutation – Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin
– 1996 – Hieroglyphos – Theater Zerbrochenes Fenster, Berlin
– 1995 – Stranger – Foro Shakespeare, Mexico / Fliegendes Theater, Berlin
– 1994 – Mein Gott! – Strassenbahndepot, Moabit, Berlin
– 1992 – Chac-mool – Theater Zerbrochenes Fenster, Berlin
– 1991 – No te puedes escapar (You can not escape) – Teatro Helenico, Mexico
– 1990 – Amoratado – Ensemble-Theater, Berlin”

Shanti Oyarzabal

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