Thomas Johnson


“Thomas K. Johnson AKA “”Toma”” the mime became interested in the Art of Mime in Junior High School after seeing a performance by Marcel Marceau.

Ten years later, while studying Theater at Wayne State University in Detroit, Thomas was accepted into a two week summer seminar with Marceau in Ann Arbor Michigan.

His work in this seminar got Thomas an invitation by Monsieur Marceau to attend Marceau’s International School of Mime in Paris France.

After studying in Paris, “”Toma”” returned to the states as a teaching assistant for Marceau, and created his one man programs: Toma’s Young Authors Day and Toma’s Mime Time.

YOUNG AUTHORS DAY is designed to support and enhance the creative writing curriculum.

This rewarding day begins with an all school assembly by Toma the Mime introducing students to the art of silence.  During the program Toma discusses the differences between writing for the stage and writing for the page. He stresses the importance of structure and he tells the students how he got his inspiration for his stories.

Afterwards the students return to their classrooms to write stories for Toma. During the writing process Toma stops in classrooms to answer questions and help with the writing.

The day culminates with afternoon assemblies in which the students are recognized for their fine work as selected stories are acted out in mime by Toma.

YOUNG AUTHORS DAY is a fascinating educational experience designed to stimulate the imagination in all of us!!!


MIME TIME is a traditional presentation of classical and modern mime techniques.

This program is designed to introduce your students to an art form which has been practiced for centuries throughout the world. Your students will be mesmerized as Toma the Mime presents several humorous short “”silent stories”” which may include many familiar “”illusions”” such as: walls, ropes, ladders and walking against the wind. Toma will even portray multiple characters within the same story!

Each program is followed by a short Question and Answer session. In the optional all day program the students receive hands-on experience in small group mime technique “”funshops””, which exercises both the mind and the body.

Thomas Johnson

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