Tutti i lazzi della commedia

Alberto Sordi

Alberto Sordi, a young author met while he was working, asked: “What are you writing?” Comedy? ” “No,” he replied, “a drama.” “Ah, then you are resting.”

The history of the theater is made of high poetry dramas, on which the proverbial rivers are poured, and still flow. But when it comes to comedy theater, it is quite difficult for the actor and the show writer, or the mere passionate, to find good material, cataloged and ordered with a criterion that exalts the historical value for the scholar, the inspiration For the professional and the pleasure for the reader concerned.

The author cataloged and ordered by typology all the “lazzi” of the Commedia dell’Arte, a real comic mine whose material was portrayed in full light.

The volume offers a complete and commented classification of a vast material and dispersed in many manuscript heritage. The collection is preceded by an introductory essay that gives us the lazes as a resource that encloses the secret of the extraordinary success of the Commedia dell’Arte.

Tutti i lazzi della commedia