The mime Marceau would be 100 years old:

100 years anniversary – 100 photos

With this gallery I want to honor the teacher of many teachers on his anniversary










Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau, world star and doyen of pantomime, was an ambassador of international understanding who can be understood without words.
In 1923 he was born in Strasbourg. His interest in the stage began when he saw Charlie Chaplin films.
In 1942 he joined the French resistance movement (Résistance) and later took part in the war against fascist Germany as a member of the French army. In 1946 he entered the drama school of the Paris Sarah Bernhardt Theater and became a student of Charles Dullin and Étienne Decroux.
Especially Decroux, who was also a teacher of Jean-Louis Barrault, influenced him greatly.

He played Harlequin in the pantomime “Baptiste” based on the film “Children of Olympus” alongside Jean-Louis Barrault. In 1947 he appeared for the first time in Paris as Bip, the tragi-comic character with a battered silk hat and red flower that made him world famous. He toured the world for more than forty years to spread what he calls “L’Art du silence” (Art of Silence).

Marcel Marceau founded the “Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris, Marcel Marceau” in 1978, where students are not only trained in pantomime, but also in classical dance, fencing and drama. In 1993, the artist assembled a new troupe with the best graduates of his school, the “Nouvelle Compagnie de Mimodrame”, which performed for the first time in the same year at the Marcel MarceauEspace Pierre Cardin on the Champs Élysées.
The pantomime also worked as a painter and draftsman with great success. His works have been shown in Germany, France, Japan and the USA, among other places.

He also wrote several books including “The Story of Bip” (translated into 7 languages) and “Pimporello”, the story of an old street mime and his affection for a little feral girl. Marcel Marceau has received several awards for his services. He was not only an officer in the Legion of Honour, Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres, recipient of the French Order of Merit and a member of the Institut de France, but also honorary doctorates from several American universities.

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