Alterum Theatre

physical theatre

Alterum Theatre is a new topical project in up-to-date art and on the experimental stage.

It is innovation visual theatre. It is nonverbal, dvizencheski (motion action), choreographic, physical theatre, working at the joints of different genres and styles. It is unique because of its special combination of different plastic, choreographic and mime techniques with the components of the physical theatre, visual techniques and original music. This is mix of body plastic, drama and dance

It is notable for live images and special atmosphere of its performances. It carries out the dialogue with the audience through the “physics of body and motion. Its performances are filled with sence and philosophy of cognition and analysis of the surrounding world through art. Every performance is a fascinating action, where sometimes dancing turns into stage motion and abstract forms evolve into choreography , borders between styles and genres disappear and evident becomes shaky but phantasmagoria turns into reality.

Alterum Theatre is synthesis of everything new, progressive and original, a real creative laboratory for choreographers, dancers, musicians, stage directors and artists.

Alterum Theatre

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