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The Atelier für physisches Theater (APT) – International School for Movement Acting is an independent international theatre centre which is constantly researching, promoting and developing physical theatre. Since 2004 the APT provides a two year professional training programme in movement theatre/physical theatre, according to the theatre making methods of Jacques Copeau and Jacques Lecoq. The training programme differentiates from conventional theatre making training methods so as to give theatre a new and lively impulse.

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the ground of physical theatre / body and vocal training / stage acrobatics/ improvisation techniques / theatre game / mime-dynamics / neutral mask / masks / mask creation / theatre of objects and materials / character creation / the tragic space / melodrama / the commedia dell’arte & the human comedy / comic theatre / grotesque / Buffoons / Clown / Cartoon / theatre history / performance / management / creation of a final individual theatre project / completion

Mina Tinaburri, Rome/Berlin

Theatre teacher, director

Co-founder and artistic director of the Atelier für Physishes Theater and Theater Absurda Comica. F

irstly, she trained (1985-1987) at the  Scuola Internazionale di Teatro  (Jacques Lecoq´s method) in Rome and afterwards at the  Ecole Philippe Gaulier  in London. Since 1982 she has produced in and outdoor theatre productions both at national and international level. The foundations of her theatre work lie in the domains of physical theatre according to Copeau, Lecoq and Dario Fo´s  theatre principles. Within 25 years of theatre making experience, she has developed her own´s method, integrating different theatre genres grounded on the language of the body and the meaning of movement in space, on gesture, on images and text. Her teaching is adressed to currently artists engaged in performing arts (such as acting, directing, mime, dance and physical theatre) pedagogues and theatre pedagogues.

Besides her artistic direction at the Atelier für physisches Theater, she teaches at state and private acting schools and theatre pedagogy institutes. She also directs for stage on the fringe.

Ulrich Ernitz, Berlin

Culture manager, Actor, Pedagogue

Co-founder and co-director of the Atelier für physisches Theater

Co-founder and production manager of Theater Absurda Comica

Trained (1985-87) at the  Scuola Internazionale di Teatro  (Jacques Lecoq´s method) in Rome and at the  Ecole Philippe Gaulier  in London. Previously, touring in- and outdoors with the theatre-duo Kapinski and Ostelli . Studies concerning resistant popular culture and its dramatic forms. Drama-pedagogical projects in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Netherland, Austria. Readings with texts by Villon, Rimbaud, Bukowski, Ginsberg, Fo, Pasolini. Advisor of performing artists.



Brigitte Kießling (dancer, artist): stage and dance acrobatics

Chris Ritter (artist, dancer, musician): stage acrobatics

Vocal training

Sara Ercoli , actress, vocal coach

Mask making

Petra Föhrenbach , mask maker, make-up artist (Germany)

Finbarr Ryan , mask maker, educated actor, comic (Denmark)

Theatre of materials

Inga Schmidt , pupeteers, actress

Tambourin course

Massimo Manera , tambourine man

Atelier fuer Physisches Theater

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