Bum Caravan Art


Bum Caravan Art
Str. Bucovina nr.1A, Bucuresti, Romania
Persoana contact:

Mihai Baranga
Tel: +40722732667

The Caravan Theater Band was formed by performances performed by professional actors (all graduates of specialized higher education institutions), performances that were meant to be presented and adapted to various unconventional spaces: conference rooms, museums, universities, restaurants , hotels, malls, etc., in a word those spaces that do not have a logistics specific to a classical theater.

The actors of this band are very well trained professionally, practicing their artistic qualities in various theater performances: musical, dance theater, classic theater, pantomime.

Caravan actors also appeared in radio and television performances as programmers and programmers (Antena1, ProTv, TVR1, Radio Romania Youth, etc.).
Having over 10 years of experience in these artistic fields, they have the opportunity to offer their partners professional performances.

Bum Caravan Art

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