Carlos Martinez


“Born in Asturias, Spain, Carlos Martínez moved to Barcelona and put his passion to work by training at the dramatic arts schools, Taller de Mimo y Teatro Contemporáneo and El Timbal.

The positive feedback from his first solo performances, in 1982, confirmed his decision to live from the theatre. And because he is not dependent on any translation, he has found an open stage throughout Europe and around the world.

His show Hand Made was the audience choice at the XXI Almada Theatre Festival in Portugal. Programs such as Human Rights have toured extensively including a month-long tour of Switzerland under the sponsorship of Amnesty International. In 2006, Carlos Martínez performed at the AI awards ceremony in the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. Time To Celebrate was created for his 25th stage anniversary and has been shown in theatres around Europe from 2007 onwards.

He teaches master classes for universities and acting schools, such as the Scuola Dimitri in Switzerland or the National Theatre in Latvia, and is a speaker at corporate seminars on the topics of non-verbal communication and body language. Carlos Martínez is constantly moving the boundaries of silence in an imaginative world that combines his Mediterranean spirit and humour with precise technique and rhythm.”

Carlos Martinez

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