Dani Aragon


“Dani Aragon
Born in 1966 in Rosario,Argentina.
Started his mime studies in 1985.
Studied in the National Academy of theatre
for body language.
Took classical and modern dance classes and acrobacy.
Since 1990 lives in Israel.
The same year he won the mime competition in honor of Shaike Ofir in
Tel Aviv.
He personificated the “”white statue”” in
Nachalat Binymin(Tel Aviv 1990-2000).
He performed with several orchestras:
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the
Tel Aviv Chamber Orchestra, the Rishon
Letzion Symphony Orchestra and Haifa
Symphony Orchestra.
He created the mime shows:

“”Kol haguf””(The body’s voice)
“”Pantomusica””(combination of mime
and classical music with guitar and flute)
“”Maof shel Boker””(with flute and piano)
He performes regularly in schools,
theatres, hotels and events all over
the country.

Dani Aragon

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