Deanna The Mime


“One day while waiting for class to begin at the dance studio where she originally trained, Deanna was (as always) watching MIMUSA Classical Mime Troupe. As luck would have it, she was asked to fill in for a company member in rehearsal, and then eventually was invited to perform in their show. Soon after that she became a full company member, and the course of her performance life changed. Her creativity took on a new and exciting form. Not only did she learn the technical aspects of mime, but also began to create theatrical mime characters, and movement works.

Previous to this, Deanna started her career as a dancer and while in college changed her major to theatre performance. She graduated from the University of Utah with a BFA in Theatre.

Upon graduation, she immediately went to work performing at the Utah Shakespearean Festival, and then A Chorus Line performed at Pioneer Theatre Company. Upon moving back to Florida she continued performing, as well as directing and choreographing shows. She has performed with The American Stage Company, Playmakers, Busch Gardens, and many local and out of state dinner theatres. She also teaches dance and movement which of course include mime and mask work.”

Deanna The Mime

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