El analisis de los espectaculos

theater, mime, dance

This journey through the spectacle and the forms of analysis that study it is to return to the viewer that confidence in his own eyes that he should never have lost. It is a book that proposes a panorama of closely related spectacular practices – theater, mime, dance, cinema and other audiovisual media – and adds some examples taken from Eastern traditions.

After an update of the state of research and the corresponding descriptive instruments, the scenic or film work is systematically radiographed in all its dimensions, according to techniques that are adapted to each of its components: actor, voice, music, Space, time, wardrobe, lighting, etc.

And the analysis places itself decisively on the side of the receiver to reconstruct its dramatic reading and its conscious and unconscious reactions. The reader is thus led from a purely formal analysis to a semiology and anthropology of the spectacle in which the object of investigation is not only the actor but also the spectator.

El analisis de los espectaculos

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