Escuela Latinoamericana de Mimo y Teatro Corporal


The Latin American School of Mime and Corporal Theater has offices in various cities and nations of Latin America and the Caribbean. This has been created by Mimos of these diverse provenances. After having gathered knowledge of French and Latin American Schools, after having realized their own experiences and investigations and after having founded centers of formation in the Art of the Mime in their own localities, they met to exchange their knowledge, to elucidate their doubts together, Reformulate concepts, combine criteria for learning and practice of the Art of Mime. For this purpose they organized the LATIN AMERICAN MEETINGS OF MIMO TEACHERS. At the meeting in Buenos Aires, the first GUIDELINES FOR THE LEARNING AND PRACTICE OF MIMO ART were formulated. The participants, meeting in assembly, also appointed the various management positions and regional coordinating roles (in Latin America and the Caribbean), as well as the DIRECTORS OF THE LATIN AMERICAN SCHOOL OF MIMO AND BODY THEATER IN EACH CITY AND COUNTRY OF THE REGION
Latin American School of Mime and Body Theater

Escuela   Latinoamericana  de Mimo y Teatro Corporal

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