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After five years of intense study in the Art of Mime and Physical Theater in England, Luis Louis returned to Brazil in 1997, bringing the proposal of a new position of the actor in theater and society. For that, it developed several spectacles like actor and director. Since then, he has been promoting this Art throughout the national territory.
In the same year, he met actress Lene Bastos who joined Louis in deep learning of training and research in Physical Theater. From this encounter Cia Luis Louis was born.
In 1998, Louis presented himself with the show “Lines Crossed”, celebrating his return. In 2000 Louis directed Lene Bastos in the montage “A Mentecapta” of Mauro Rasi. In the same year, Lene Bastos signs the direction of the new show of Louis, “Wild”, that has become a classic of Total Mimic and continues being presented by all Brazil.
In 2002, Luis Louis was the mentor mentor of the Solos do Brasil Project, under the artistic coordination of Denise Stoklos. On that occasion, the partnership with the late Silvana Abreu, who besides being an actress, was also idealizer and producer of this project.
In 2003, Cia Luis Louis settled down in the Actor’s House. There they created the shows “Brazil Deported” and “They them for them”, in addition to the participation of the Company in the show “Revistando 2003”.
In 2005, the Company founded the Luis Louis Studio – Center for Research and Creation of Total Mime in Brazil, which now centralizes all its researches and creations. In the same year, the company, represented by Louis, prepared the mime for Stênio Garcia, Osmar Prado, Rodrigo Santoro, Letícia Sabatella, Ricardo Blat and the whole cast of the miniseries “Today is Maria’s Day – 2nd Day”.
In the beginning of 2006, Luis Louis, Lene Bastos and Silvana Abreu launched the Laboratory of Research and Creation of Total Mime of Brazil, involving a group of artists-researchers, among them: Angela Sassine, Jô Rodrigues, and Natália Lopes.
In 2007, the Company was granted the Myriam Muniz Funarte Theater Award, sponsored by Petrobras.
In 2008, the 1st Manifesto of Mímica Total, in the São Paulo Cultural Center, is a great event for the promotion of Mímica Total, counting on 4 unprecedented shows: “Nervous System”, “Risk of Life”, “Symptom” and “Super Hiper Mission Important “, the latter for children. In that same year, the group was contemplated with the Municipal Program of Promotion to the Theater for the City of São Paulo.
In 2009 he performed the 2nd Manifesto of Mímica Total, counting on 4 shows: “650 Thousand Hours”, “Nervous System – Final Version”, “I’ve got a Feeling” and “Mission Super Hiper Important”.
In 2010, the company toured the State of São Paulo in more than thirty cities in the interior, with the children’s show Super Hero Super Hits.
In 2011, the company produced the 3rd Manifesto of Total Mimic. For this occasion Louis brought to Brazil his master Desmond Jones for the celebration of his 20 years.

In 2012, the company enters a great tour through Brazil with the Show Falas de um Mimímico.

In 2014/5, he made a double season in Espaço Parlapatões with the Show “700 Thousand Hours” and “Speech of a Mimic”.

In 2016, the company is structured in the new headquarters of the Studio Luis Louis. That same year he was invited by SESI to perform the Theatrical Journey through the interior of SP with the show 700 Thousand Hours.

Cia Luis Louis became the reference of this art in the country, both in its original research of Mímica Total and in the stages with its artistic repertoire.

Estudio LuisLouis

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