Federation of European Mime


(FEM) was founded in 2013. The founders are three important educational institutions of mime theater in Europe and their representatives – Nils-Zdenek Kühn (Die Etage Berlin – (Pantomime / Mime Department), Bartolomiej Ostapzuk (Teatr Pantomimy Warsaw) and Adam Halaš (HAMU Prague – Department Nonverbal Theater).

The Association has been founded for the purposes of protection and development of cultural values; support of European art of mime; popularization of mime theater; support of education of mime theater students, artists and teachers; organization of the international mime festival and co-production of other international mime theater festivals and projects; organization of international meetings and conferences; and support of study exchange programs.

FEM organizes every year an international mime festival called MY MIME. The aim here is the interchange of the mime students with the professional artists. MY MIME takes place every year in one of the member countries (2014 Berlin, 2015 Prague, 2016 Warsaw, 2017 Saint Petersburg, 2018 Liptovsky Mikulas, e.g.).

The federation is open to all institutions and artists dedicated to nonverbal theater.

Our members

Executive board:

Adam Halaš (HAMU Prague)

nils-zdenek kühn (Die Etage)


Elke Kaiser / David Cassel (Die Etage)

milan sládek

Mimenstudio Dresden

Pablo Zibes

Elias Elastisch

Pohyb’s und Konsorten

duo diagonal

Bodecker und neander

Mareike jung


sara mangano and pierre-yves massip (compagnie mangano-massip )

Collectif des Arts du Mime et du Geste


miro kasprzyk


Radim Vizváry

lukáš šimon / Anton eliáš (mime studio praha)

irina andrejeva (teatr novogo fronta)

Scuadra Sua


nola rae


jozef markocki (teatr formy)



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