Festival Internacional de Mimos y Clowns Mimame


in November

The Mimame Festival

The Mimame Festival is an event for the city that performs pantomime and gestural performances with national and foreign artists in public spaces and theaters. Read +

History of the Festival

Since 1998, Corporacian has made fifteen versions of the Mimame Festival, with national and international invited artists.

The Pantomime

It is the name with which the theater without words is known. The origin of the word pantomime, comes from two roots, the fixed black Pan = pantos that means everything and Mimo that means imitacian.

The mime

It is a dramatic form of popular character that emerges in ancient Greece. It has a realistic and satirical character. It tends to personificacian and often uses improvisacian.

Festival Internacional de Mimos y Clowns Mimame

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