Flying Actor Studio

Pantomime | physical theatre

FLYING ACTOR STUDIO offers a 30 week course of daily intensive training in all aspects of physical theatre. This rigorous course is designed for those who are interested in an 8 month commitment to learn the creative approaches and technical skills necessary to make resonating visual theatre that speaks to our times. The neo-classic arts of the clown/mime will be a special emphasis of study. Actors wishing to expand the command of their bodies and imaginations will find a creative physical base that will serve them in all areas of their professional work. Directors will discover new ideas about dramatic structure, space, timing and energy.


CORE FACULTY:   James Donlon and Leonard Pitt.

GUEST FACULTY:   Bill Irwin, Geoff Hoyle, John Gilkey, Robert Shields,  Arne Zaslove, Amanda Crockett, Moshe Cohen, Ed Holmes, Bronkar Lee,  Dijana Milosevic, Judy Finelli and other international artists, teach extended workshops and masterclasses throughout the course.

Flying Actor Studio

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