Folkwang Hochschule

The pantomime class

The pantomime class of the Folkwang Hochschule is an educational institution of all possibilities of expression in the physical-acting motion theatre. It teaches special playing techniques such as Commedia dell’Arte, clown theatre, Mimodram, masque, Pantomime Blanche, choral theatre, room theatre, slapstick, narrative theatre.

The basis of the education is, on the one hand, the pantomime physical technique (the training of the body as an instrument of expression), on the other hand the scenic improvisation (as method of releasing dramatic fantasy and spontaneity). The education has three main aims: The student is to be provoked to use new forms, concepts and contents of pantomime. He/she also is to be enabled to act creatively in the neighbouring and bordering areas of pantomime. Moreover, he/she is to further develop the motion theatre as actor (solo pantomime, ensemble player, theatre clown, entertainer), as stage director (pantomime director, mimic choreograph, gag master, fencing master) and as author, educationalist and ensemble director. There are no fears of contact towards cabaret, entertainment, childrens theatre etc.

A cooperation exists with the other courses of studies of department 3 – music theatre, musical, dance. The cooperation is specifically close with the drama course: a significant part of the lessons is given for mimes and actors simultaneously; both courses of studies develop projects and perform them together.

In addition, there is the possibility to take part in performances at the theatres of the region already during the studies in order to immediately put the learned to the test of the theatre practice.

Folkwang Hochschule

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