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Groupe Geste (s) is an association that brings together 15 broadcasting and creative structures spread all over the country.

To support the Mime and Geste Arts, Jean-Jérôme Raclot and Alain Mollot (†) created this group in 2008. They have federated around them places of diffusion which, in France, are particularly interested in these types Creativity. For all of these participants, the mime of silent imitation as it was known at one time is outdated.

Artists from the former Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame Marcel Marceau, Jacques Lecoq School, Samovar, the new circus (CNAC) of the new puppet and object theater companies (ESNAM) and students from different private workshops Of mime, have altered the landscape of contemporary visual creation. The watertight bulkheads that separated all these disciplines are shattering and that’s a good thing.

The Group Geste (s) has decided to devote assistance to the creation of this type of performances. Organized in association, it is constituted in network of financing, technical assistance to the production, and of touring.

The goal is to provide more and more support to one or more companies per season, for now.

The Group organizes once a year “Les Plateaux du Groupe Geste (s)” where a number of pre-selected projects are presented. Participants agree on the choice of one or more projects to support in creation and dissemination.

Since 2009, Groupe Geste (s) has supported the projects Fragments of the desire of the company Dos à deux, Vibrations of Compagnie 14-20, Hold On by Anne Astolfe, Ordalie by Thomas Chopin, a young audience show, La Porte To the nose presented by the Trafikandar Company, the Cie Third Generation, with TINA (There Is No Alternative), the Paraconteurs Company, with ConSequences, a project by Eric Druel and Mathieu van Berchem.
In 2014, again, two winners share the first prize: La Cie Desordinaire, with Idiote, a project by Carole Fages and the Hippolyte Company has a heart ache, with The Preamble of the stunned, a project by Estelle Savasta.
In 2015, the last winners are StOïK of the Cie Les GûMs of Brian Henninot and Clémence Rouzier, Crue of Martin Schwietzke by Cie Les Apostrophés and, after a first prize in 2011 for Anne Astolfe, (Ex) Limen, his last project, Receives assistance again. In 2016, we co-produced: Yokaï, a remedy for desperation by Collective Krumple, collective creation and Wild for the Collective Fearless Rabitts, a creation by Rémi Boissy.

In 2017, La Cie La Main of L’Homme by Clément Dazin received unanimously the first prize.

Since 2011, Groupe Geste (s) has been subsidized by the General Directorate of Artistic Creation of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Groupe Geste

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