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About to love God and one another by embodying the human story in beauty and truth.

Innovos vision statement What does Innovo mean? Innovo is latin, meaning to create, innovate, and renew.

Innovo Physical Theatre seeks to be innovative with the physicality of theatre, renewing the ancient art of mime to inspire hearts today through beauty, story and truth. We seek to be creative through performance, and encourage others toward creative expression through training and discipleship.

What is Innovo Physical Theatre?

Innovo Physical Theatre is a nonprofit Christian arts organization directed by Theo & Jolie Williams. Innovo offers extensive training and developed performance using the technique base of Marcel Marceau and Etienne Decroux.

Using the expressiveness of the body as starting point, Innovo demonstrates a unique synthesis of aesthetics and story that explore possibilities of corporeal movement, dance, mime, music, original story and film. Innovo is also active in Christian worship through spontaneous and prepared dramatic play. Traveling internationally, performances range from solos to large ensemble works on stage or street, university or marketplace. Performances engage both young and old in an experience of physical theatre.

Innovo has active representation in the United States, Holland, France, United Kingdom, and New Zealand, resulting in an extensive network of artists who believe creativity starts in loving God and one another. These mimes, dancers, and dramatists work together to present God’s dynamic story. Innovo equips and trains artists to excellently and honestly enable each individual’s unique creativity.

We achieve this through our Conservatory of Physical Theatre, workshops and private class. Innovo Physical Theatre’s believes in discipleship that enables and performance that transforms, resulting in a history of excellence in ministry on and off stage.

Innovo theatre

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