Irina Shulman


“Irena Shulman was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Ever since she could walk Irena has been involved in athletics and performing art’s. She swims gymnastics figure skating acrobatics and dancing. At 13 years old she start to study in

Pantomime theatre and a year later began working in Kiev pantomime

In 16 she start to play and performed in Kiev Circus Company

When she was seventeen her family, moved to Israel where she start to take a part in Hollywood co productions shooting in Israel, as a stunt double in American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1993) directed by Boaz Davidson. Irena got her big break when she was luckily offered the chance to be the lead actresses´ stunt double. Getting a taste for the thrill of the film business, three weeks later worked on her second film. The Mummy Lives (1993) (double: Leslie Hardy)

Again the lead actresses´ stunts double. Irena´s dance training, her height and slender build gave her an advantage when competing for stunt jobs and within three weeks she was lucky enough to land her third film “”cold to the touch”” – Chuck Norris. She began training in other areas of stunt work such as, martial arts, stunt fights, and stunt acrobatic.
After a number of productions she began to study in Israeli theatre studio “”Nissan native”” Drama and Creative Writing, acted in many theatrical productions, and kept up her study of dance and pantomime.

She has done drama play’s, comedy, performing at the Israeli kameri theater, Israeli National theatre, Israeli Opera and national theater for kid’s show’s and various other places and is currently working on her new act. She has worked on more than one hundred film, theatre and television productions and has also worked as a stunt coordinator and director. Irena shulman Graduate Seminar Hakibbutzim B.Ed

And Teaching directing Theater

She is also a board member of the Israeli screen actor’s guild and today she’s the only one stuntwoman in Israel

Last years she took a part in 3 seasons of “”survivor”” productions
Irena still lives and create in Israel.

Irina Shulman

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