Physical comedy at its best

Faster than a laughing hyena, Jeff Hess whirls across the stage in hurricane strength, pulls the audience from their seats and triggers salmon volleys with a mere wink.

Experience magical moments with a master of slapstick!

Jeff Hess gives “crazy things for advanced users”.

The actor and clown from New York City combines his unique form of slapstick, his rousing action comedy, with a fascinating body language, leaving no one unmoved and no eyes dry.

The silver medal winner of the 21st Koblenz Gauklerfest Kleinkunst Preis 2012 worked among other things with Til Schweiger and Richard Roundtree in the film “Joe and Max” with, was a comedy sketch artist on the “Late Night with David Letterman Show” and was hired as an entertainer for the birthday parties of Bob Hope and Bon Jovi.

Jeff Hess – “Master of all grimaces!”

With irresistible charm and great energy, Jeff creates an unforgettable comedy experience through each of his characters.

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