Johanna Fluhrer


Johanna brings scientific and artistic phenomena onto the same stage, using theatre masks to transport audiences to another world. Johanna´s own independent theatre company AniLuca premiered in 2012 to a sell´out crowd.

Johanna trains professional performance artists and advanced tertiary students in stagecraft, physical and mask theatre. She draws from thirteen years of intensive master-apprentice tutelage from theatre expert Richard Hayes-­Marshall. Hayes Marshall was one of the select few to receive intensive pedagogical instruction from the renowned European theatre maestro Jaques Lecoq. She has been creating, choreographing, writing and performing original physical and mask-theatre with Hayes Marshall since 2001.

Johanna delivers workshops that are tailored to suit the requirements of advanced students and professional actors, dancers and musicians alike. Her workshops are designed to not only provide the strength, balance and agility required for the stage and physical theatre, but also to lift the performance dynamic of the ensemble through training in stage presence, spontaneous creativity, hilarity and playfulness.

Johanna will travel internationally for intensive theatre or stagecraft workshops. Each workshop is tailored to suit the requirements of the school or training centre. Workshops can be made suitable for actors, dancers, musicians, circus artists and other performing artists.

Johanna Fluhrer

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