Jorge Costa


Jorge participated in more than thirty national festivals and more than twenty international festivals.

He toured different Latin American countries and Europe. And, as a teacher and professor, he has taught courses and talks at prestigious institutions and meetings such as the International Diploma in Theatrical Improvisation, Universidad Nacional El Bosque (2015 and 2019. Bogotá, Colombia), as well as he has made Latin American tours in Peru (Lima , Piura and Arequipa), and Colombia (Bogotá, Facatativá, Cali and Barranquilla) since 2017.

It has also been called for the 7th. Mime Training Cycle (2018. Monterrey, Mexico),

With the support of Iberescena, gave a seminar to the Quiteña community, and also at the Central University of Ecuador, National Theater Faculty. (2013. Ecuador) .In 2019 the work of his director TiaPatria, performed by Julia Muzio, performs the Colombian international tour of Bogotá and Barranquilla.

In 2018 he was summoned from Peru by the renowned Peruvian Director and Producer July Naters for his new film creation: BOBO for the Leading Character, to create his movements and routines. PataClown Production, Lima, Peru.

In 2017 he joined the INTPresenta Catalog, with Tamortoy received the Theaters of the World Award, for Linge!, With Ezequiel Caridad as actor. In 2015, it received recognition from the Theaters of the World Awards for Humanity S. A. and Mi.Me .; in 2014, for Tamorto (As Director and Actor of both) and, in 2010, for his work in El Vengador del Riachuelo. In 2007, he received the Quality Award from the National Theater Institute and National Theater Festival –INT (2006). In 2002, he received the Distinction of the University Extension of the Department of Dramatic Art (IUNA) PorNEXO or of the horrible catastrophes of the meeting.

Pataclaun, and his television program: “El Santo convento.” (2008. Lima), as well as for A Clown Version of Romeo and Juliet, by Laura Silva. (2019.Lima) .

In Europe he has taught seminars in England (Casa Latinamerican Festival. London, 2014.) And in Spain (Seville, Zaragoza and Ibiza for the Argentine Balearic Cultural Association) and in his own country in numerous prestigious institutions throughout the Argentina, such as CELCIT (2019), the Diploma of Masks, National University of San Martin (2017 and 2018), the University of Palermo (since 2015), The Municipal Theater School, Berazategui (2015 and 2018), the Circus Social de Pehuajó (2017), the Association. Argentina de Actores, Rosario headquarters (2015), the National School of Dramatic Art of CABA (2015 and 2014), the Municipal School of Theater of Olavarría (2014 and 2013), the School of Dramatic Art of Salta (year), the University Institute Nacional de Artes (2009) and the International Actor Training Festival, Organics (year) .

As well as in International Paraná Meetings and Festivals, Entre Ríos (2015 and 2017), Salta (2011, 2012, 2015 and 2017), El Baggins, Río Negro (2011) and Santa Fe

Jorge Costa

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