Juan Salomon Paredes

Actor and Theater Teacher

I am a professional theater and television actor, storyteller, puppeteer, mime, cultural promoter, theater teacher and artisan of theatrical resources such as masks, puppets, props, scenography and other accessories.

Among my skills are; the corporal expression, the comedy, the acting improvisation, the drawing and the painting and the theatrical pedagogy.

25 years teaching theater to children and youth to have a first approach to this art in order to help the theater in their personal development and allow them to discover and enhance skills that will serve them for life.

29 years of doing professional theater having ventured into two areas of Salvadoran theater, the first of which is the theater of the theater since 1987 has worked as an actor in productions for academic theater or “cult” as he calls it, with works by universal and regional authors , participating in national and international theater festivals and seasons in the most important venues in the country.

Some of the works in which I have participated are:

The second area of ​​Salvadoran theater in which I have worked is the alternative theater or theater for open spaces, as it leaves the halls and goes to the streets to the parks to the atriums, schools, communities. It is also called committed theater because its purpose is to make the theater accessible to the less favored sectors of society.

Juan Salomon Paredes

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