Kleine Academie


De Kleine Academie is an atypical international school, very different from conventional theatre schools.

It extends and develops the principles and teaching method of Jacques Lecoq.

In De Kleine Academie the students’ own creative personality is central. In the first year in particular, students are given ample opportunity to discover and explore their own creativity and learn how to make best use of it.

De Kleine Academie is not based on existing repertory theatre. Its point of departure is silent observation: learning to look afresh, in patient wonder, at the movement of life itself. Meticulous observation and then the pleasure of imitation, of re-enacting in movement, in the silence before or beyond words: human behaviour, animal behaviour, the nature of materials and the elements, of colours and sounds, of the circle, the square and the triangle…

And then the encounter with Theatre, throughout its history, not as a museum, but as an exemplary school for the creation of original work.


De Kleine Academie was founded in 1986 by Luc De Smet (a student of Jacques Lecoq ); he is the artistic director of the school and teaches courses in movement analysis and acting. Most of the teachers are graduates of De Kleine Academie , as well as of another artistic or academic training institutions. They share the same philosophy, enriched with the individuality of their personalities. Their training and their artistic experience enables them to maintain the appropriate distance when coaching the students and not to be hindered by their own taste or prejudices.

Practical information

Lessons are held every weekday, from the beginning of October until the end of June, with the exception of the usual holidays: for the first year from 9.00 to 13.00, for the second and third year from 14.00 to 18.00.

Candidate students are accepted on the basis of a CV and a letter explaining their motivation in detail, preferably accompanied by references from previous teachers.

Registration for the coming academic year begins in January. The registration fee is the full first-term tuition fee. It is non-refundable.Tuition fees must be paid at the start of each new term

Kleine Academie

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