Lassaad International School

Pantomime school

The school was created by Lassaad in 1983, after working closely for ten years with
Jacques Lecoq towards a movement-based teaching of acting.
It is a private independent school for advanced theatrical studies which trains mainly actors and directors.
The course of study is practical and intensive and lasts for two years. Within the theatre world it is known and recognised internationally.
It caters for those who wish to work professionally in the theatre.
Besides conviction , talent and desire, theatre work is a craft that can be learnt. It has its laws, rules and demands.
Where this school differs from the traditional acting schools is in its movement-oriented pedagogy and in the importance given to both interpretation and creation.
The creative side of each personality is nurtured throughout the course.
The students are guided to discover their potential. Their creative qualities are stimulated and brought out, thus enabling them to choose their own pathway. The school provides the means and tools necessary for the performance and defence of their craft.
People who are accepted for the school already have a certain level of artistic experience and wish to work professionally as actors or directors. The school is a place of interaction and exchange; each season there are students from many different nationalities. A great number of countries have been represented at the school since it was set up. This blend of cultures brings to the teaching an additional human dimension which deepens and enhances it.
The age range of the students is generally between 21 and 35.
The pedagogical approach of the school ensures that close attention is paid daily to each person.
After completion of the two years of study a diploma is awarded.
A third year is available to those students who have shown a talent for teaching and who wish to continue in the school’s methods.
Lassaad Saïdi is the co-director and head of pedagogy. He has a team of teachers who have all followed the same training. They bring to the school their wealth of professional experience and contribute to its continuing development.

The school offers two years of intensive training. It is like a journey where two great pathways
are traced. There is play and acting and their rules. There is movement and its analysis. Along with
these, there are auto-cours, small group preparation and creation, which constantly call on
the creative act and which construct the students’ own theatre.
So we have a pedagogical framework which is essentially based on the dynamics of movement,
on dramatic creation and on the actor’s sense of play.
The school seeks and defends a theatre of human nature and to represent it in the
most accurate and sensitive way possible in order to reach out to and touch each one of us.
The approach could perhaps be summarised in the following way:
nurtures the expression of everything through movement, to use each member as an
element of syntax of which the body is the alphabet and to play this body in its every move
of silent language flowing from within to without. Finally words take form, body and movement,
and can thus express fully the wealth of their harmonics.
Its aim is to constantly provoke the creative act so that after the period of learning,
the knowledge acquired can at any moment be an inspiring source for all other artistic forms

Lassaad International School

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