Les Argonautes


Les Argonautes met in Brussels in 1993. Before, they were a little bit everywhere. Now, they still are, but they are four. In fact, they are five, like The Three Musketeers. But that doesn’t change anything that was said before.
Searching frantically for the most winding path between two straight lines, in spite of themselves they have discovered that it is better to take gravity lightly and laugh at everything, despair of nothing.
Since then they have been making circus, where movement is king and speech sleeps, trying to place the technical prowess of circus techniques in the service of emotion. They move and are moved, in shows with sound, light and special acts, where derision courts the absurd, poetry and pettiness.

They performed their first production in 1995: La Toison d’Orgue, followed by Zouff! in 1998 and Le Principe d’incertitude in 2001.

La Fleur Vide, a solo porject created in 2005, has opened up the usual work frame of the Argonautes, exploring new styles. 

Les Argonautes

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