Living Sculptures

Living Sculptures

Living Sculptures has been a theatrical agency since 1994 (the first!), which has been engaged in stationary and mobile acts: Living statues and- Sculptures in the fullest sense of the word.
The variety of sculptures (also called ‘living statues’) varies from realistic figures to more imaginative statues: Over 80 acts tell a fascinating story in an intimate silence.
Both craft and content, they form an impressive picture and a special experience that will remain long with the audience. To dress up your event (fair, festival, wedding, opening, disclosure,
open days, a foundation laying, farewell, promotional campaigns, etc.) you can hire one or more living statues of Living Sculptures. We work with a large file very experienced performers
who can improvise as human statue on the astonished audience.
Living Sculptures aims to give the statues a look as ‘real’ as possible:
They always have a ‘relived’ character: weather beaten, rusty,
decaying, peeling off… Faithfully reproduced, spirited statues.

Living Sculptures

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