Mim i Richi

Before their appearance on the world scene, the MimiRichi (formerly “MimiKrichi”) toured the territory of the Soviet Union.

Victories and prizes gained at different festivals and competitions have brought a huge popularity to actors.
They were granted the status of professional Theatre in the 1989.
Since the first tour in Germany the MimiRichi created a great impression on the audience and provoked a great interest in press and on TV. In 1991 they were included into the World Clown Association in Bognor Regirz (Great Britain).

The professionalism of the Theatre has been confirmed by the Gold Prize obtaining at the 1-st International Contest of Actors of a Variety show in Stuttgart.
This event influenced the direction of their creative work. Later there were other countries and the competitions, new awards and the achievements, memorable meetings and joint performances with “Mini-Max”, Dimitri, Olli, Hardy Hatter, Jango Edwards, “Kolombaoni”, Polunin, “Licedei” and many other stars of the present.

Mim i Richi

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