Mimage Pantomime Theatre


“The Mimage Pantomime Theatre was founded in September 2009 led by Veronika Karsai. Its members are pantomime performers who wish to develop their multiple-year-long studies in the form of a company on a professional level, and who had often worked together before the company’s establishment, too.

The most important aim of the Mimage Pantomime Theatre is to replace the pantomime’s genre on the theatrical palette; not as it was once, of course, but for instance, copiously enriched with motion­ and gesture-theatre influences, refreshed in terms of topic, music and presentation altogether; as well as, opening and showing new directions.

The reinforcements of the association are continuous: the apprentices finished in the New Generation Company or the Mimage Pantomime Studio can keep on working here as professional performers.

The company is rightly famous for its unique pantomime theatre performances along with vivid etude scenes. It is constant participant of inland and foreign festivals and organisations; its scene-compositions can entertain and make think any age-group.

Its members, both as creators and as performers, work with great pleasure assisting in other genres, too: may it be direction of motion, creation of choreography, making pantomime or gesture­theatre insertion-pieces to a performance of any genre, or producing “background pantomime” on various concerts.

The company is regularly on the go on organisations besides theatrical jobs: on request, it creates thematic etudes; it entertains the audience with its already-existing scenes and performances; and it achieves every creative idea on a high artistic standard. Moreover, it fulfils the pantomime requirements of marketing commissions.”

Mimage Pantomime Theatre

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