Mime Centre


Adam Darius : Director
Kazimir Kolesnik : Associate Director

The Mime Centre is a unique theatrical training ground for students from all quarters of the globe. It benefits many different categories of people, all of whom find their lives permanently enriched as a result. There are students interested in becoming actors, singers, dancers, mime artists or clowns. There are others wishing to work in remedial teaching or with the disabled and emotionally disturbed. And there are those, who, in search of themselves, find the entire period an invaluable time of self-exploration.

The Mime Centre offers a rare opportunity to study a diversity of theatre arts under one roof during the entire period of training. The subjects taught include expressive mime, illusionary mime, commedia dell’arte, make-up, voice production, acting, ballet and creative workshops.

The purpose of Adam Darius’s expressive mime technique is to develop the maximum expressiveness in all performing artists. As such, every student is related to on a one to one basis so that his or her latent abilities can be subsequently discovered and nurtured. The results of this training have been extraordinary, not only for the minority of students who enter the course with already cultivated skills, but also for the student who arrives with little or no training and/or feelings of inhibition. All students blossom in the atmosphere of careful correction and positive encouragement.

Kazimir Kolesnik brings to The Mime Centre not only the variety of his teaching skills, but also the versatility of his original musicanship.

Since courses started in Helsinki in 1994, students who have completed the Mime Centre course have since been accepted for study or employment at the following prestigious academies or theatre and television companies.

Important information
The course takes place at The Alexander Theatre,
Bulevardi 23- 27, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
(Tel: 09-1692386)

Students of The Mime Centre must be at least 17 years of age. Though no previous training is required, all applicants must share a total seriousness of purpose.

Housing is the responsibility of the student though The Mime Centre will be as helpful as possible in facilitating any student’s search for accommodation.

Foreign students should, when passing through customs, present this brochure as well as their letter of acceptance.
Each course is complete in itself, not sequential with any other throughout the year.
Diplomas are awarded to students who have successfully completed the course.
Track suits or tights and leotards should be worn in class with bare feet or jazz shoes suggested.

Students are expected to have a working knowledge of English, the language in which the classes are taught.

The Alexander Theatre

Helsinki’s Alexander Theatre, completed in 1879, has served as the home of opera and ballet since its first production in 1880. With its over century-old tradition of great performances, this famous building now hosts The Mime Centre with its roster of international students.

Mime Centre

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