Mimenbuhne Dresden

Pantomime Theater Festival

every year in nov.

Pantomimefestival in Dresden

Art needs new impulses and ideas permanently.
Therefore this festival will not only be affected by staging but we also want to fathom the possibilities of nonverbal theatere in some workshops.
Organizer and venue are the Mimenbühne Dresden and some other theatres, which are going to be announced.
Invited are all nonverbal artists, soloists, and groups, mimes, pantomimes and clown s who are interested to exchange their experience.

Marcel Marceau went to a meeting in Berlin and was asked how the pantomime’s future is going to be. He said – The future will be decided by how well the mimes will understand their craft and how they understand to cast a spell over the audience.

Often we fight alone and an exchange takes place rather infrequently. Unnecessary competition plays a more destructive role for a common concern. So we have expanded the concept of our festival in Dresden. We want to watch the appearences as well as work with each other. So let’s go on a journey to explore our own issues.

At the workshops we want to get to know all the different ways to experience pantomime and to work with it. An improvisation-evening with all of the guest mimes is going to be a special highlight of the festival as well as the conclusion of the festival.

We don’t want to distribute prices, we don’t want to judge, but talk about everything that happens on the stage. Try to discover new forms and genres. Start new projects.
Dreams of a financial paradise are currently a kind of wishful thinking and the ceiling of the festival is thin. So the offer is the way it is. The sooner we will be successful and the sooner we can set new standards our idea can also develop in this way.

Mimenbuhne Dresden

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