Mimenschule Ilg



The school of Ilm was founded in 1980 as the first “international vocational school”
For movement theater “in German-speaking Switzerland
By Daniel and Els Ilg.

The term “movement theater” means all the theater forms,
In which the physical expression and the creativity of the player
In the foreground.

Through its long-standing and always innovative work, the Ilg school has become
One of the most important professional training centers
Developed with international appeal,
From which many, now well-known artists have emerged.

Karl’s bustling alley, the Swiss cabaret prize winner Alex Porter, the Rosalena theater, the Cirque du Soleil theater clown Gerry Regitschnig, the magic world champion Pat Perry and René Burkhard, the founder of the Fundacion Doctora clown in Colombia Adriana Neira, Theatermann Krishan Krone, At the Circus Festival Monaco, Orlando Arias and many others, engaged in independent theater groups, theater theaters and the opera house, film and television, circus knees, soloprograms, dance theaters, directing, theater pedagogy, etc

Mimenschule Ilg

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