Mossoux Bonte


” Since meeting in 1985, Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté have, in turn, made three films and twenty-two live performances.

On an edge between dance and theatre, their work aims to meld these two disciplines into a single language by exploring precise themes and expressing them through movement. Their performances, in which the actor or dancer’s presence is always fundamental, seek to create an atmosphere that touches the spectator — where his own self is the guide to the emotions he feels.

Over and above the unmistakable “style” of the company, each performance, be it intimate or involving a large cast, deals with a very separate and particular subject. Each creation, through theatricality, gesture and a combination of strangeness and familiarity, aims to find its own language. Jointly directed by a man and a woman, the company’s creative vision demonstrates, almost alternately, a real complementary of masculinity and femininity.

Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté’s performances have been presented in approximately thirty different countries.

Mossoux Bonte

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