Since 2005, the Moveo Company has brought to the international stage a creative work that explores the narrative possibilities of the body and the expressive richness of the movement. Far from illustrating through gestures, and far from an abstract plasticity of the body separated from theatricality, Moveo investigates and works on the development of a physical language that constantly searches for the connection between different disciplines.

Based in Barcelona, the Moveo Company creates acclaimed dance theatre shows that, through a delicate physical work and a great imaginative wealth, allow the public to experiment the communicative possibilities of this theatrical genre.

Since its creation, the company has won several awards: the most recent ones are the Best Show Award (dance category) of the International Theater and Dance Fair of Huesca’15, the Mais Award for Best Company of the Imaginarius International Festival’16 (Portugal) and the Moritz FiraTàrrega’17 Award for Best Street Arts Premiere.


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