MOVEO TEATRO vindicates physical theatre and the body as a universal language for theatrical expression which – within the contemporary theatre panorama – is in need of revaluation.

Our principal objective is the development of theatre shows which use the body as the fundamental instrument, integrating text, music and stage design as well.

Our work is based on the technique of Etienne Decroux and its contemporary developments, creating a new original style of theatre, thanks to having worked it in depth for many years.

The Etienne Decroux technique is not being used in this way in any theatre company across Spain.

The company was founded in 2004 by three former members of the Theatre de L’Ange Fou (Great Britain), Sophie Kasser, Stephane Levy and Olivier Decriaud, who studied in London with the Etienne Decroux’ last assistants. The three of them have been working together for several years and have performed various shows in Belgium, Croatia, Scotland, Spain, France, England, Israel, Italy, and Poland.

MOVEO TEATRO initiates artistic projects that are nourished by investigation and intercultural collaboration – because we believe in research and multidisciplinarity as important principles for the creation of contemporary theatre.

Since its creation, Moveo Teatro has created for shows, Marelle, Réquiem (Jury’s Special Award for the skillful fusion of scenic languages, Muestra de Teatro de Barcelona 2007), Detrás (created from a show directed at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona) and Soñar el Río Hasta el Mar.



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