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Artistic Leadership & Teambuilding workshop

Many of the participants of MAPA combine three aspects of their profession: they are directors, pedagogues and managers. Although those roles may appear to be quite different, we more and more realize that they also have much in common. In all of them you have to interact with people to reach a certain (artistic, pedagogical or organizational) result. In your working processes you soon find out that it is not just creativity and vision that count, but that so much depends on the way you collaborate with the people around you.

In this training we will explore the parameters of leadership and teamwork in the context of artistic production, in order to make you more conscious of your own patterns of communication and the alternatives that are there. We will pay special attention to coaching as a leadership style .

In the first week, every participant will get the opportunity to lead a group of 3 or 4 people in a very short artistic process, based on his/her own fascination. This process provides feedback material for the lessons, but also offers you the opportunity to get direct feedback from the teachers. In the second week, teams will be made. Each team is lead by a coach. The coaches are participants who are, if possible, selected before the start of the workshop and have prepared a sketch of an idea at home. With their team they will work out small productions. They can make use of basic light and sound facilities. On the last Saturday these productions are presented.


Ide van Heiningen (artistic director of MAPA and movement teacher) will work with you on the formulation of your own artistic fascination. He also will give movement classes and feedback.

Thomas de Neve (business consultant and MAPA consultant) will explain elementary theory on communication (including conflicts) and make you apply these insights in exercises.

Els Sorber (coach and supervisor at the Mime School in Amsterdam) will do many kinds of exercises and discussions with you to give you more insights in your habits, inhibitions and possibilities as a coach and leader.

Frits Vogels (coach/director of many (site-specific) theatre productions and mime pedagogue) will supervise the process of creation and coaching. In his supervision, he will deal with issues of leadership, responsibilities and teamwork. He will give feedback to the coaches publicly, to offer the non-coaching participants insight in this process as well.

Moving Academy for Performing Arts

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