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OPEN festival pantomime for motional theatre hears and deaf.

European Centre Pantomime of the Deaf in Brno


Kolín Municipal Theatre

The festival will have three budgetary alternatives, based on the available amount of finances, comprising the following:

    • X.OPEN project Czech Ministry of Culture (regional culture)
    • X.OPEN project filed at the Central Bohemian Office department of culture
    • Subsidy by the Kolín Municipal Office
    • Members’ fees by festival participants
    • Income from tickets sale
    • Sponsorship

Press conference, workshops and analysis seminars

The festival organizers will hold a press conference approximately a week before the festival, to which representatives of press, radio and TV media will be invited. The objective of this conference is to provide timely information about the festival’s intentions, the performances and accompanying events.

Workshops are an important part of the festival, held at the studio scene of the Kolín Municipal Theatre. They will be attended by Czech and foreign participants of the festival, focusing on stage direction, methods and concepts of theatre performances.

Analysis seminars will be supervised by experienced theatre professionals in the form of discussions with authors and actors.

Festival, inspiration performances and performances for the public

This will be the jubilee 10 th festival, a meeting of ensembles involved in pantomime and motion theatre of the handicapped and non-handicapped population. It resumes the tradition of festivals in Kolín. The jury of lecturers recommends performances and ensembles for the festivals of JIRÁSEK’S HRONOV, the international festival of Pantomime of the Deaf in BRNO  and KaÅ¡par’s MIMIRIÁL.

Inspiration performances are designed particularly for the festival participants, i.e. exceptionally interesting and inspiring performances which may broaden the views, inspire or show the methods of stage direction, acting or scene designs.

Performances for the public are chosen in order to promote motion theatre, the festival and theatre in general. As regards international performances, the organizers select specific performances that are attractive for the audience.

Promotion, accompanying programs

A brochure will be published on the occasion of the 10 th festival, together with an almanac portraying the previous festivals. In addition, there will be two postcards (4,000 copies) and a poster printed on this occasion. In the Kolín Municipal Theatre, there will be an exhibition held by Rostislav PospíÅ¡il, who has accompanied the festivals since the very beginning. We have entered in negotiations with the Czech TV and TV Prima concerning trailers for the festival.

Festival guests:

List of expected guests at X.OPEN, based on the current budget:
KUSY CUKRU Kremnica ( Slovakia )
TEATER 3 Szceczin ( Poland )
Theatre (motion)  Slovenia



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