Peter Mim


Peter Mim is one of the most outstanding personalities
of the European pantomime scene.
He is considered a legitimate successor of Marcel Marceau
and has been inspiring his audience for more than 40 years.

HAZ, 1996

The pantomime poet
The pantomime Peter Mim unfolds a rich pallet of his art and casts a spell with his mimodrames and visual etudes.
His mimic shows the most different facets of characters and feelings, his body language creates its own spaces.
He makes the most different moods arise with ease.
He is a poet, a philosopher, a clown and a dreamer at the same time.
With charm and esprit, elegance and precision, a thrilling representational art and an unbelievable ability of transformation, Peter Mim succeeds in taking the spectators´ hearts by storm.

His art is cultivated in the best Russian and French tradition, which is often compared with Marceau´s and Chaplin´s art.
In addition, he draws from the rich fundus of classic pantomime, but also uses elements from modern, innovative pantomime and visual theatre.

A brilliant pantomime presentation, professional and modern entertainment, presented by a master of his subject.

Peter Mim

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